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Mount Chincogan, Mullumbimby

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019! 

Hello friends,

Christmas Greetings from the Farm. As the festive season is upon us once again, I want to sincerely thank all who've supported me in 2018 with literally thousands of beautiful get well messages from all over the world, as I recover my health and voice.

My heartfelt appreciation to my promotions team of Ross Allen (Hillcrest, Canada) and Stephen Brady (CRS Australia) for their wisdom in re-releasing some of my biggest hits from my Classic Hits CD whilst I recover. Back In Baby's Arms was a hit all over again in 2018 and Honky Tonk Stardust Cowboy is currently #6 on Australia's Country Tracks Chart. (www.countrytrackschart.com.au)

I wish you and yours a safe and Merry Christmas in the arms of your family and loved ones and a very Happy New Year 2019. Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all. Thank you for your love and encouragement this past year.

HONKY TONK STARDUST COWBOY released to radio on HILLCREST 88 (www.hillcrest.com) and CRS 211 (www.crspublicity.com.au)

Honky Tonk Stardust Cowboy - new radio single for Clelia 

Internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter Clelia Adams has been under the radar for some years due to ill health. She was finally diagnosed with a brain tumour, thankfully benign and operated on successfully in March 2018.

Clelia sincerely thanks the Australian and International country music community for keeping her music alive on the airwaves with Back In Baby's Arms, a re-release from 2005 on her new CLASSIC HITS CD, a charting hit all over again in Australia and Europe in 2018.

As Clelia recovers her health and voice, she has decided to re-release one of her favourite songs of all time, Honky Tonk Stardust Cowboy, also taken from her CLASSIC HITS CD, which has 22 of her hits songs from the past 17 years. It was a massive international hit for Clelia in 2010, reaching #2 on the ECMA chart in Europe, #10 on Country Tracks chart, & #2 on Hot FM Mildura chart.

The song has an interesting history. Recorded by Lefty Frizzell in the 60's, Jonathan Edwards in the 70's and George Strait in the 80s. It was not a hit for any of them. Songwriter Darryl Staedtler contacted Clelia at the time to thank her for finally making Honky Tonk Stardust Cowboy a hit for him, and to compliment her on her vocals, saying "If you'd been around in the 60's, you'd have given Loretta Lyn a run for her money". High praise indeed!

HONKY TONK STARDUST COWBOY released on CRS 211 (Australia) www.crspublicity.com.au

and HILLCREST 88 (Europe) www.hillcrestcd.com


Back In Baby's Arms continues to climb the Aussie charts 

Clelia's current radio single Back in Baby's Arms continues to climb the Australian charts, this week reaching #16 on the Country Tracks Chart (30 June) and #13 on the Tyga FM Tasmanian Top 30 (23 June). This is the second time round on the charts,because it was the #1 Most Played Song in Europe back in 2005. Clelia sincerely thanks country radio for their continued support of her music.

BACK IN BABY'S ARMS available on Classic Hits

Released to Country Radio  on Hillcrest 86 (www.hillcrestcd.com), and CRS Digital Distribution CRS-DD47 (www.crspublicity.com.au)


Back In Baby's Arms #32 on Australia's Country Tracks Chart 

Clelia's current radio single Back In Baby's Arms has entered Australia's Country Tracks Chart at #32 this week (13 June, 2018) www.countrytrackschart.com.au

Thank you to country music radio in Australia, Europe & UK for their continued support.

Back In Baby's Arms was written by highly respected country songwriter Bob Montgomery, and is one of the most covered songs in country music with versions by Patsy Cline, Connie Smith, Loretta Lyn, Amy Grant and our own Heather McKean.

BACK IN BABY'S ARMS is on the Classic Hits CD available here.

Released to Country Radio on Hillcrest 86 (www.hillcrestcd.com) and CRS Digital Distribution CRS-DD47 (www.crspublicity.com.au)


Latest Clelia Adams Update April 2018 

Four weeks on from successful brain surgery in March 2018, by two of the top Neurosurgeons from the Gold Coast University Hospital, Dr. Theresa Withers and Dr.Jonathan, Clelia continues to improve one day at a time. The recovery process will take some time but her strength and energy continues to return, and she thanks all her family, friends and fans for their overwhelming messages of love and support.

Clelia's Canadian Record Company Hillcrest will be re-releasing her Patsy Cline cover "Back In Baby's Arms", which was a huge hit for her in May 2005, when it became the Most Payed Song in Europe. www.hillcrestcd.com


Somewhere In The Middle # 2 on European Top 40 Singles Chart this week! 

Clelia's current radio single Somewhere In The Middle has taken out the #2 position on the European Top 40 Singles Chart from the Netherlands this week (8-14 Oct 2017). On the International Top 200 Artists Chart, Clelia comes in at  # 5 right up there with her country music heroes Johnny Cash, Willy Nelson & Ricky Van Shelton. See full chart at: http://members-boardhost.com/joyce-ramgatie 

After 9 weeks in the Australian Country Tracks Chart, Somewhere in the Middle still charting at #15 this week. www.countrytrackschart.com.au

SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE Available to country radio on HILLCREST 84 (Europe) and CRS 201 (Australia)

For an Independent artist, the value of International radio airplay is immeasurable to their career.

Clelia is humbled and grateful to the global country music radio community for their continued support of her music.

Somewhere In The Middle # 2 on Country Tracks Chart this week! 

Clelia's new radio single Somewhere In The Middle has jumped into the # 2 position on this weeks Australian Country Tracks Chart, second week in. www.countrytrackschart.com.au 23rd Sept, 2017.

Clelia sincerely thanks country radio presenters and media for their outstanding support of her music. She is hopeful to return to live performances in 2018.

Over the years, Clelia has developed a penchant for updating classic country songs and making them her own, and they became hits all over again. The idea of re-making Somewhere In The Middle (written by Kieran Kane) was born in the mid 90's when she saw Kieran Kane and Kevin Welch live in Tamworth on their first Australian tour. Two voices, two guitars, they rocked the house.

Producer Stuart French shared Clelia's vision to turn an acoustic song into a rockin', country blues and with the A Team, took the song to a whole new level of country grooviness and finesse. Michel Rose on pedal steel, Chris Haigh on bass, Brad Bergen on drums, Bill Risby on piano and her brother Albert Calvo on guitar, as well as Clelia's son Daniel Adams, a singer/songwriter/guitarist in his own right, joins his mum on the bluesy backup vocals honours.

A Family Affair!

Somewhere In The Middle released to radio on CRS 201 (Australia www.crspublicity.com.au ) and HILLCREST 84 (Europe www.hillcrestcd.com )

Somewhere In The Middle is available on the acclaimed Wildflowers album, or digital download. Please visit the ALBUMS button on the home page.


Glowing review of Classic Hits by Susan Jarvis of Capital News, Sept 2017 

Clelia Adams is one of the best-loved women in Australian country music She's a wonderful singer and a talented songwriter, who's been recording for more than a decade and a half. She has created a sound, style and following that have become enormously popular over the years. This album brings together 22 of Clelia's most success recordings, which have charted in Australia, the UK, Europe and New Zealand.

A number of Clelia's own compositions are included: Heartbeat Highway, My Mother's Wedding Band, Rainbird Yodel, and the wonderful The Captain and The Gypsy. Other highlights include You're Gonna Love Me One Day, Speed Of The Sound of Loneliness, Back in Baby's Arms, Talk of the Town, and the gorgeous Wildflowers, Play The Song and Forever Young.

Like everything associated with Clelia, this album is warm, vibrant and full of great songs. It is a feel-good recording that makes a wonderful soundtrack to pretty much anything you are doing. Susan Jarvis, Capital News, September 2017

Clelia's Classic Hits album a hit with Country Radio 

Clelia's Classic Hits album is on an upward roll, thanks to country music radio for the brilliant reception so far: 

ALBUM OF THE WEEK last week on Good Morning Country with Kevin Walsh. 
ALBUM OF THE MONTH in Gary Turner's World Entertainment News today. 

Fantastic to catch up in live interviews with old friends Jodie Crosby & Jon Wolfe on The Pulse FM Tamworth, Andrew Kerr from Tank FM Kempsey, Beth Brown from Yass FM, Jane Kellaway from Macarthur FM and coming up a special with Rod Collman from Monaro FM.

Kaz Johnson of Totally Biased Fan Review: "There is so much to love on this album. It's really a fun album with something for everyone. I don't think I've heard an album for a while that covers so many bases in country music.  Clelia's songs have been played all over the world. From a session singer to a bonafide country music solo artist, she may not have been in the spotlight for as long as she was in the background, but she has arrived and then some."

Classic Hits - New Album Out Now 

Internationally acclaimed, multi award winning singer/songwriter Clelia Adams has been an integral part of the very fabric of the Australian country music scene since l975 as session singer on thousands of tracks recorded in Tamworth studios for 25 years. 

Clelia’s 'Classic Hits' traces her solo musical journey beginning with 'Bring It On' in 2000, 'Heartbeat Highway' 2004, 'Wildflowers' 2008 and 'River Valley Dreaming' in 2011. Her music had been embraced by the international country music community and saw her become the darling of the European, UK and Australian country music charts with each successive album. 

Classic Hits is a collection of 22 of Clelia’s Top 5/10 smash hits on Australian, European, UK & US charts over her stellar international recording career spanning 16 years. Bonus tracks La Paloma and Forever Young are also included.

All songs were recorded and produced by longtime friend Stuart French and the A Team, which have included Michel Rose, Chris Haigh, Gary Steel, Brad Bergen, Bill Risby, Camille French, Bill Chambers, Kevin Bennett, Mick Albeck, James Gillard, Donnie Hopkin, Doug Gallacher & Rudy Miranda. This continuum of musicians has given Clelia her own instantly recognizable voice and sound, cementing her place at the top of her field as an Independent Artist in Australia.

This is a “must have” album for every country music aficionado’s collection. Clelia's evocative blend of classic country, western swing, honky tonk, country rock, rockabilly & her own originals has captivated the world. This is timeless, universal and classic country music. Get it now!