You have arrived at the official online home of Italian born country singer from the Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia... Clelia Adams. Please.. make yourself at home. Check out the new single, my cover of the Don Walker penned  'Looking Forward, Looking Back' made famous by Slim Dusty.

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Mount Chincogan, Mullumbimby

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Internationally acclaimed, multi award winning singer/songwriter Clelia Adams has been an integral part of the very fabric of the Australian Country Music scene since 1975, where where began as a session singer on thousands of tracks recorded in all the Tamworth studios for 25 years.

Clelia's CLASSIC HITS traces her solo musical journey with Bring It On from 2000, Heartbeat Highway 2004, Wildflowers 2008 and River Valley Dreaming in 2011. From the outset, her music was been embraced by the International country radio community and saw her become the darling of the European, UK, NZ and Australian country music airplay charts with each successive album.

CLASSIC HITS is a collection of 22 of Clelia's Top5/10 smash radio airplay hits on Australian, European, UK and US airplay charts over a stellar international career spanning 20 years. Bonus tracks La Paloma and Forever Young are also included.

All songs were recorded and produced by longtime friend Stuart French and the A Team, which have included Michel Rose,Chris Haigh, Garry Steel, Brad Bergen, Bill Risby, Camille French, Bill Chambers, Kevin Bennett, Mick Albeck, James Gillard, Donnie Hopkins, Doug Gallacher and Rudy Miranda. This continuum of musicians has given Clelia her own instantly recognizable voice and sound, cementing her place at the top of her field as an Independent Artist in Australia.

CLASSIC HITS is a "must have" album for every country music aficionado's collection. Clelia's evocative retro mix has captivated the Australian and International country music world, with her blend of classic country, western swing, honky tonk, country rock and rockabilly. This is a mighty infectious combination.

An Italian review of my Fine Company album, recorded in 1995 by Planet Country  

Review from Gianluca Sitti from Planet Country Italy. I'm thrilled that this rare album is receiving accolades after 25 years. Recorded after recovering from the first brain tumour surgery in 1992.

"Internationally renowned and award-winning singer/songwriter Clelia Adams has been instrumental in the growth and dissemination of Australian country music. Her splendid voice in fact contributed in a decisive way to the success of thousands of beautiful songs working as a "session singer" in recording studios of Tamworth, Australia's Country Music Capital. As a soloist she then released high-level albums such as 2000's Bring It On, Heartbeat Highway 2004, Wildflowers 2008 and River Valley Dreaming 2011. Driven by My Sisters and Brothers, Clelia returns with a new album titled Fine Company. Hers is a very classic and traditional country music that characterizes all 11 songs on this CD. Clelia certainly looks toward Nashville but is still tied to those typically "Down Under" sounds that have made characters like Slim Dusty or Stan Coster immortal. Fine Company confirms all the class and artistic sensibility of this singe who, at a very young age left Italy with her family to distant Australia."

Speed of the Sound of Loneliness #9 on the Country Songs Chart this week! 

Sincere thanks to Country Radio around Australia for supporting my tribute to the master songwriter John Prine who passed away recently from Covid 19. Speed of the Sound of Loneliness entering the Country Songs chart last week at #21 was a wonderful surprise, but jumping into the Top 10 @ #9 this week is an even bigger one. John's music has been with me since the early 70s and he is often touted as the songwriter who most artists wished they had written his songs.

Speed of the Sound of Loneliness released to country radio on Hillcrest 93 (www.hillcrestcd.com)

Tribute to John Prine coming to country radio soon 

John Prine's music has always been an inspiration to me. The recent outpouring of love and loss around the globe at his passing has inpsired me to share my version of a John Prine classic. In association with Hillcrest Music Canada, I am releasing "Speed of the Sound of Loneliness" as a tribute to one of the finest songwriters the world has ever known.

In the early 70's I had the honour and privilege to deliver John's music to Australia through my position at WEA (Warner/Elektra/Atlantic. Then in London, beyond my wildest dreams I had the pleasure of overseeing the various weekend activities for John and Steve Goodman while on their UK tour including the Cambridge Folk Festival.

John Prine, thank you for the most meaningful music of my life.

SPEED OF THE SOUND OF LONELINESS is being distributed on the new HILLCREST 93 CD (www.hillcrestcd.com)

Looking Forward Looking Back 15 weeks on the Country Songs Chart 

Looking Forward Looking Back has been named as the longest run so far in 2020 on the Australian Country Songs Chart, remaining there for 15 weeks. This week at #34. Clelia sincerely thanks country music radio around Australia for this great honour. www.countrysongschart.com.au The song continues to get major airplay around the globe.

Released to country radio on CRS DD296 (Australia) and HILLCREST 92 (Canada/Europe)

Looking Forward Looking Back #2 on the Country Songs Top 40 chart! 

Clelia's recording of Slim Dusty's iconic song written by Don Walker had hit #2 on the Country Songs Top 40 chart this week! There will be champers celebrations tonight @the farm! Thank you country music radio around Australia for your continued radio airplay support!

Released to country radio on CRS DD 296 (AU) and Hillcrest 92 (EU)


Looking Forward, Looking Back debuts @ #8 on the Country Songs Chart 

Released to Australian country music radio for only one week, Looking Forward Looking Back crashes into the Country Songs Chart at # 8 this week. (26th Feb.) The outpouring of welcome messages for Clelia's return to the world of recording new music has been overwhelming. Many have told their own heartfelt stories of what this iconic song means to them and thanked her for recording such an outstanding version of the song. Heart warming times and Clelia thanks each and every one of you who have contributed to the chart success of Looking Forward Looking Back.

Released to Country Radio on HILLCREST 92 (Europe www.hillcrestcd.com)

and CRS Digital Download DD296 (Australia www.crspublicity.com.au)

Looking Forward, Looking Back new radio single for Clelia 

“Looking forward, looking back, I’ve come a long was down the track” – Slim Dusty’s song left an indelible mark on me from first hearing in 2000. Written by Cold Chisel’s Don Walker, this song embodies the two music worlds I’ve straddled in my long and illustrious career – the traditional world of Australian Balladeers and my Rock and Roll years at Go-Set Magazine and WEA Records both in Sydney & London. 

Recovering from traumatic brain tumour surgery in 2018, music kept me sane and being unable to sing was the biggest challenge ever in my life.  Again I heard Looking Forward, Looking Back and again it had a profound effect on my heart. The lyrics spoke to me as I reflected on my own life’s memories, my experiences throughout those very dark days and my hopes for a healthy future once again. 

Out of the blue, Stuie French, my Producer now living in Nashville asked if I wanted to record a couple of tracks with Nashville musos, which included Willie Cantu on drums (Buck Owens band) and Dennis Crouch on bass. Camille and Sonny French added their magic on backup vocals. My dear friend Pixie Jenkins recorded the vocals and fiddle parts at my home. 

Meeting the legendary writer Don Walker at a party recently, he informed me that as far as he was aware the song hadn’t been recorded since Slim’s version. I was aghast at my audacity recording such an iconic song. 

Don gave me his nod of approval. That’s good enough for me. 

I hope it’s good enough for you too. Thank you for your support.

Released through HILLCREST 92 (www.hillcrestcd.com, Europe) CRS Publicity Digital Download 296 (www.crspublicity.com.au Australia)



The Gold Medallion Awards announced this week have named CLELIA ADAMS  the NSW FEMALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR! This years Awards Show will be held at Lindsay Butlers LBS Music Complex at 11am on Wednesday 22nd January in Tamworth. Gold coin donation. Other winners include Allan Caswell, John O'Dea, Justin Standley, Lindsay Waddington, The Long and the Short of It and many more.

New live videos from the Ballina Country Music Festival 

Check out the new live videos from the Ballina Country Music Festival this year. Thanks to award winning film maker Sharon Shostak for the footage. The band features the divine Miss Kathryn Jones, Rod Coe on bass, Steve McLeod on guitar, Jason Caspen on drums, Phil Levy on mandolin and Steve Gilbert on harmonica. We had a blast - it's great to be back!