My Baby's Love (Jessie's Song) # 1 on the Top 40 International Singles Chart

The heartwarming story of hearing her daughter Jess minister to her in song in the midst of "a dark night of the soul" whilst in hospital for a burst appendix in 2009.  My Baby's Love (Jessie's Song) has taken the # 1 position on the Top 40 International Singles Chart from the Netherlands this week.  

My Baby's Love is such a deeply personal song for Clelia, she is humbled, thrilled and amazed that her simple love story has touched so many hearts, and extends a huge thank you to country music radio in Europe/UK/Australia/USA for their continued support of her music.

MY BABY'S LOVE (JESSIE'S SONG) available on:
Hillcrest 80, (Europe) and CRS 189


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