1. Jeopardy

From the recording River Valley Dreaming

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You can’t take the rock’n’roll out of a girl, can you! I’m a ‘60s baby boomer & LOVE this style of retro R & R. Jean Shepherd was a huge star in her day, in both country music/rockabilly/rock and roll, a great all-rounder. She’s my kinda gal!


Jeopardy – (Nellie Smith, Leona Butrum)

you can steal the soul from a crocodile,
you can charm a rattler & make him smile
even steal the sting from a bumble bee
that’s why my heart’s in jeopardy

you can steal the croak from an old bullfrog
every time he jumps, make him miss the log
you got no conscience, so you go free
all the time my heart’s in jeopardy

jeopardy, jeopardy, just gotta have you next to me
you put a voodoo hex on me,
and now my heart’s in jeopardy

hypnotized, paralyzed, now my heart’s been jeopardized,
you’re the spider, I’m the fl y and I can’t be free,
I’m caught in your web of jeopardy