From the recording River Valley Dreaming

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A friend told me years ago, “I had a dream & you were covered, completely surrounded by golden butterflies, everywhere”. I thought that a bit weird at the time & never gave it more thought, until years later pruning in my garden, blow me down, clouds of gold butterflies totally inundated me & followed me as I pottered round. This went on for two weeks or so, and it left me with a wondering what it could all possibly mean? I started the song and found out later that the gold butterfly is the symbol of the Suicide Prevention Organization.


Golden Butterflies – Clelia Adams

my eyes could not believe the crush of wings in flight
swaying & flitting, in the morning light
the carefree playfulness and shimmering display
reminded me to count my blessings in every little way

clouds of golden butterflies came around to play
gleaming yellow flutterings getting in my way
they say golden butterflies
means freedom from all cares
signifying new life, bringing happiness to bear

life is such a precious gift, be thankful every day
my thoughts drift to those who chose not to stay
in this life of too much strife & all those earthly things
there’s butterflies heaven bound
with souls upon their wings

when I see a butterfly, it gladdens my heart
to know that love’s messengers still play their part
so keep your eyes open, in case they come around
let your spirit soar, at the beauty you have found

clouds of golden butterflies came around to say
don’t forget to count your blessings every single day
the gift they bring to every heart, releases all our cares
count your blessings every day
there’ll be happiness to spare
clouds of golden butterflies came around to play