1. Rainbird Yodel

From the recording River Valley Dreaming

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Having been mostly an inland girl, I had not experienced a “rainy season” until I got to the Northern Rivers. The same thing happened every time a wet season came round, birds of all varieties land on the back deck for shelter & yodel and sing away competing with each other, and often harmonizing together, making a cacophony of sounds. It’s a glorious experience and happens the world over.


Rainbird Yodel – Clelia Adams

It’s been raining forever, but I’m not feeling down
cos I know what’ll happen when the season comes round
butcherbirds, maggies & currawongs too
arrive on my verandah to shelter and coo

they go, look at me I’m so pretty (yodel),
singing my ditty (yodel)
I can sing louder than any of you (yodel),
and we can harmonize too

companions together on the rail side by side
shaking little wet wings with eyes to the skies
the valley rings out with birdsong so fine
my heart skips a beat at the sounds so sublime

I get out my guitar and play some old song
my black and white choir is yodelling along
the rain can keep falling, I don’t give a damn
mother nature is shining right here where I am