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Funny man, Ray Essery, pitched the original idea of an Italian cowgirl to me in bush verse. A few re-writes later, after tapping into my inner Italian gypsy cowgirl memories, I uncovered the main reason why I never became famous …. there was no pizza or pasta in the outback. Italians and their food huh, go figure!


The Italian Cowgirl – Clelia Adams & Ray Essary

I don’t need to sing opera, don’t fancy life in Rome
Florence or Venice, or a Riviera home
Milan still has my number, it’s all about those shoes
this land is in my blood, I don’t have to choose
stories of the wild outback always fascinated me
the billabongs will have to wait, there’s lasagna for tea
if bush tuckers all they got, sorry Slim, I must decline
mum’s bolognaise in the pot, so thanks, but I’ll be fine

a cowgirl heart is a state of mind, I’m not alone
down city lanes & dusty plains, with music in our bones
riding on the wheels of love, in my Italian shoes
underneath the Southern Cross, singing my cowgirl blues

it took a while to reconcile where it was I’d land
cos rock and roll & hillbilly soul, go hand in hand

at our family celebrations, we’ll sample home-made wines
and host our own spaghetti western out beneath the vines
give me pizza and pasta & my swank Italian shoes,
roamin’ around, singing my country blues