An Italian review of my Fine Company album, recorded in 1995 by Planet Country 

"Internationally renowned and award-winning singer/songwriter Clelia Adams has been instrumental in the growth and dissemination of Australian country music. Her splendid voice in fact contributed in a decisive way to the success of thousands of beautiful songs working as a "session singer" in recording studios of Tamworth, Australia's Country Music Capital. As a soloist she then released high-level albums such as 2000's Bring It On, Heartbeat Highway 2004, Wildflowers 2008 and River Valley Dreaming 2011. Driven by My Sisters and Brothers, Clelia returns with a new album titled Fine Company. Hers is a very classic and traditional country music that characterizes all 11 songs on this CD. Clelia certainly looks toward Nashville but is still tied to those typically "Down Under" sounds that have made characters like Slim Dusty or Stan Coster immortal. Fine Company confirms all the class and artistic sensibility of this singe who, at a very young age left Italy with her family to distant Australia."